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CIS336, CIS 336, CIS 336 Group Project Task 5, CIS336 Group Project Task 5 - an Original and A++ Solution !!!
    CIS336, CIS 336, CIS 336 Group Project Task 5, CIS336 Group Project Task 5 - an Original and A++ Solution !!! CIS336, CIS 336, CIS 336 Group Project Task 5, CIS336 Group Project Task 5 - an Original and A++ Solution !!!

CIS336, CIS 336, CIS 336 Group Project Task 5, CIS336 Group Project Task 5 - an Original and A++ Solution !!!


Terri Smith has contacted you with regard to an advertisement you had in the Age promoting your company’s expertise in database design and implementation. Ms. Smith is the Managing Director of MiniQuest, a broadcasting company based in Melbourne, Texas, that broadcasts television via cable to a six-county area in Texas. From your discussion with Ms. Smith, you have identified the following information about the company:
• MiniQuest currently has ten channels of five distinct types (2 Movie Channels, 2 News Channels, 2 Lifestyle Channels, 2 Documentary Channels, and 2 Sport Channels). Each channel shows programs on a 24-hour basis. Programs can appear on either of the two channels in a category or on both channels at any time.
• A guide (Weekly Showing) is produced that lists all the programs on each channel on a daily basis. Currently all the program scheduling for MiniQuest is done manually based on the day the program is to air and the length of the program provided by the supplier. Once this is done, the guides are produced. When the Weekly Showing guide is produced, MiniQuest finds it difficult to work out when a program finishes so that it can determine when the next program starts. The Weekly Showing guide is currently mailed to all customers, but Ms. Smith wants to e-mail it in the future to all customers (who get a free e-mail account).
• In addition to the programming problem, MiniQuest is experiencing the need to keep track of its customers in a better manner (it currently has paper cards and is doing this manually). Furious customers have been reporting that they have been getting fewer channels than they have paid for. As such, MiniQuest wants to incorporate the customer information and the programming information into one database that will produce a daily guide of shows to be sent to customers via e-mail. This guide could then be personalized to only list the shows that the customer is paying for. In addition, only those channels being paid for will be broadcast to that customer’s home.
• Ms. Smith has instigated a customer survey to determine which channel is the favorite for each customer. The result of this survey needs to be stored in the database along with the date of the survey.
• Billing information also needs to be stored in the database. This information includes the billing date (either the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on when the customer signed up), the package(s) the customer has subscribed to (this determines the channels the customer receives – see Table 1), the amount to be paid monthly (based on the package(s) subscribed to), and whether the bill has been paid. Bills are currently sent on a monthly basis. These are currently sent by mail, but will be sent via e-mail in the future.
• Ms. Smith has visions about how the system will operate on a daily basis. (This information is included so that you can get a feel for how the business operates. It should also give you some idea about how the interface would operate between the operator and your database. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CONSTRUCT AN INTERFACE FOR THIS PROJECT.)

Task 5 (Due at the end of Week 7)

Develop the queries to support each of the reports that are required by Ms. Smith. It is expected that the information returned by the queries is adequate to be used in the reporting process. Make sure your output contains enough information! The following is a recommendation and the MINIMUM amount of data you should have access to:
• Customer Table: A minimum of 12 customers (this will allow several channels to have more than one customer selecting it as a favorite channel)
• Billing Table: Records to support the above customers
• Program Table: A minimum of 25 programs (your program guide should have enough programs for various channels to support the program guide report)
• Other tables: A sufficient amount of data to support the above when reports are run
Create a heading of REPORTING STATEMENTS as a comment at the bottom of your group project database script file. Add the six report queries to this area. In instances where you are asked to allow for user input, please specify an appropriate value based upon the data in your script. For example, Report 1 is a DATE driven report; therefore, you should use a single date in your WHERE clause to display the information. Task 5 is the final task for the project and is designed to demonstrate that you have adequately satisfied the requirements of the project. The following is what you are to submit for Task 5:

Reports that will be needed for the project
• Report 1 – A list of the programs on all channels for a specific day showing the channel number, supplier, package, program name, rating code, and show time. This will be similar to a program guide, only not package specific. This is a date-driven report, therefore it should only display programs for a single date specified.
• Report 2 – A sample program guide showing the channel number, show time, program name, and rating description. For the purposes of this project, your report should be package ID specific (based on a given package ID) and you only need to demonstrate a single package ID. Your report should include all channels associated with the specified package.
• Report 3 – A list of all new customers signed up on a specific day. This should show enough details about the customer, including favorite channel, address, and minimal billing details. This report is to be date driven, so you will need to specify a date in your query.
• Report 4 – A list of all the customers made inactive on a specific date. This should show enough details about the customer to allow contact with the customer, the reason he or she was made inactive, and the user who made them inactive. Again, keep in mind that this is a date driven report.
• Report 5 – A list of each channel (both channel name and channel number) and a count of the number of customers who picked that channel as a favorite channel.
• Report 6 – A summary of sales for any given day, categorized by package type (i.e., the total sales written on the specified day for each package subscribed to by customers, not bills paid). This report should give details about each package type, the package price, the number of packages sold, and then the total sales amount for that package. Once again, remember that this is going to be a date driven report.

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