PennFoster 40254500
    PennFoster 40254500

PennFoster 40254500


PennFoster 40254500

Write an application for a construction company to handle a customer's order to build a new home. Use separate ButtonGroups to allow the customer to select one of four models, the number of bedrooms, and a garage type. Assume that the models are the Aspen, $100,000; the Brittany, $120,000; the Colonial, $180,000; or the Dartmoor, $250,000. Assume that any model can have two, three, or four bedrooms and that each bedroom adds $10,500 to the base price. Assume that the garage type can be zero-, one-, two-, or three-car, and that each car adds $7,725 to the price. Save the file as

Solution for PennFoster 40254500

Solution contain java program.

You can using any IDE create new project and copy all source codes to src folder. Then you can run programs.

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